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Since 2000, Power To The People has filed lawsuits, written letters to public officials and through its various members attempted to alert the public concerning an Article V Amendatory Convention and the blatant attempt by Congress to veto the Constitution depriving the people of their most fundamental right, the right to alter or abolish their form of government as they choose.

Using the various links to our different web pages, you can read about our legal filings, our letters to public officials and other activities of PTTP.

We suggest you begin by reading the over-length brief filed in Walker v. United States (2001). This brief extensively covers the entire subject of an Amendment Convention presenting over 200 Supreme Court Cases which support the calling of an Amendatory Convention. The brief also provides information on the various applications by the states, some 567 in all as well as examining the nuts and bolts of a convention answering many of the heretofore unanswered questions surrounding the calling of a convention, its organization and powers. The brief also contains a copy of the 1972 ABA Report on a convention along with a critical examination of its weakness. The format of the brief is in .pdf.

Then we suggest you watch our video on our current lawsuit, Walker v. Members of Congress.

Following the video, you may be interested in reading the entire history of Walker v. United States at its web page.

Then we suggest you read the letters to Congress and to the Supreme Court PTTP wrote informing them of the effect of the ruling following the ruling in Walker v United States.

PTTP then filed an Amicus Brief in the Supreme Court case, McConnell v. FEC in which a frank discussion of the effect of Walker v. United States on our constitutional form of government was presented to the Supreme Court formally.

PTTP then filed a second lawsuit Walker v. Members of Congress. You can read the district court filings, the appeals court filings and the Supreme Court filings. Also you can read a letter from a member of Congress regarding the lawsuit.

Finally you can read What The Court Decision Means.

Finally, you can read about the various subjects that will be discussed at a convention.

How You Can Help

Please click on this LINK to see what you can do to help compel Congress call an Article V Convention.

Please click HERE to contact us to ask any questions you might have regarding an Article V Convention.

To find out about the latest events and activities of PTTP, Please use this LINK to go to our Activities and Events Page. You can also find further information at the CC2 website.

Interested in joining PTTP? Please email us HERE .

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